Polyporales » Ganodermataceae » Amauroderma

Amauroderma rude

Amauroderma rude (Berk.) Torrend

Facesoffungi number: FoF05664

Basidiome annual, stipitate, laccate, corky. Pileus 12–6.5 × 5.5–2.5 cm, up to 0.5 cm thick at the base, orbicular to subreniform, mesopodal; upper surface reddish-brown (8E5, 8E6, 8D5) to grayish brown (8F1) alternating colour zones, slightly concentrically sulcate with irregularly ruptured crust; margin soft, grayish-brown (8F1); lower surface white (8A1), turns reddish-white (8A2) when drying. Hymenophore up to 15 mm long, indistinctly stratose; pores initially brownish orange (5C4), bruising brown (6E8), pores circular, 4–6 per mm. Context up to 6 mm thick, duplex, dry; upper layer light brown (5D6), fibrous, composed of coarse loose fibrils, brown (6E8), corky; lower layer light brown (5A5), woody. Stipe eccentric or central, subcylindrical, concolorous with the pileus, 4 × 9 cm. Basidiospores (n = 20) (11.2–)11.8–12.5–13.3(14.5–) × (–8.2)8.8–9.8–10.7(–11.3) μm (Qm = 1.3, Q = 1.1–1.4, with myxosporium). (11.2–)8.3–9.3–10.4(–10.6) × (5.6–)5.8–6.9–8.0(–8.4) μm (Qm = 1.3, Q = 1.1–1.6)), subglobose to broadly ellipsoid, brownish-yellow (5B3), with a brown eusporium, overlaid by a hyaline myxosporium. Pileipellis a hymeniderm, brownish-orange (5C4), clavate like cells, dextrinoid. Context trimitic; generative hyphae (n = 25) (0.3–1.2–2.6) μm, hyaline, thin-walled with clamp connections; skeletal hyphae (n = 25) (1.1–2.8–3.6) μm, thick-walled, nearly solid, sometimes branched, light brown (7D5); binding hyphae (n = 20) (0.7–1.9–2.5) μm, thick-walled, branched, nearly solid, light brown (7D5). (Fig. 1)


Habitat: Rotten wood, in dry dipterocarp forest and in upper mixed deciduous forest and growing up from soil.

Specimens examined: LAOS, Savvanakhet province, Phin district Phouxang Hae Protected Area, mixed deciduous forest, 16 58′N–105 89′E, elev. 173 m, 23 June 2017, P. Phengsintham (GACP17062326, GACP17062328). CHINA, Guizhou Province, Kaili, Coniferous rainforest, 18°44′N–108°51′E, elev. 550 m, 12 October 2017, T.C Wen (GACP17101201, GACP17101202). THAILAND, Chiang Mai Province, Mushroom Research Center, Coniferous rainforest, 19°20′N–98°44′E, elev. 770 m, 21 June 2015, K.K Hapuarachchi (GACP15062130, GACP 15062134).