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Scleroderma suthepense

Scleroderma suthepense Kumla, Suwannarach & Lumyong

MycoBank number: MB800878

Basidiomes globose or subglobose 1.1−3.5 cm diameter, 1.0−3.9 cm height, rhizomorphs well developed, white to yellow, 0.5−1.2 cm height. Peridium 0.5−1.0 mm thick when fresh, leathery, surface partially smooth with scattered, small and thin scales, greyish yellow to greyish brown, consisting of two layers. The outer layer consists of cylindrical, thick-walled, yellowish-brown hypha up to 8.0 μm diameter, with scattered clamp connections, turning to reddish brown with KOH. The inner layer consists of cylindrical, thick-walled, hyaline hyphae up to 6.0 μm diameter, with clamp connections. Gleba when mature dark greyish brown to back and pulverulent. Basidia not observed. Basidiospores globose to subglobose, strongly reticulate with spines, 8.0−13.0 μm diameter (n = 50) including ornamentation (Plate 1D,E), spine 1.0−2.5 μm in length, dark yellowish brown in water or KOH and not changing in Melzer’s reagent.

Ecology & Distribution: Terrestrial on sandy loam, under Prunus cerasoides in dipterocarp forest; known only from Thailand.

Fig. 1 A maximum parsimonious tree inferred from a heuristic search of ITS 1, 5.8S ribosomal RNA gene, and ITS 2 alignments of 27 sequences. Pisolithus albus and P. microcarpus were used to root the tree. Branches with bootstrap values ≥50% are shown above each branch and the bar represents 10 substitutions per nucleotide position.

Fig. 2 Scleroderma suthepense. A, B: Basidiomes. C: Hypha with a clamp connection (arrowed). D: Basidiospores as observed under a compound microscope. E: Basidiospore as observed with a scanning electron microscope. Scale bars: A, B = 1 cm; CE = 5 μm.



Kumla, J., Suwannarach, N., Bussaban, B. and Lumyong, S., 2013. Scleroderma suthepense, a new ectomycorrhizal fungus from Thailand. Mycotaxon123(1), pp.1-7.



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