Auriculariales » Auriculariaceae » Auricularia

Auricularia cornea

Auricularia cornea Ehrenb.

Facesoffungi number: FoF 02495.

Index Fungorum number: 167247

Basidiocarp:3.5–9 cm, attached to substrate from corner or centre, short stalks, undulate margin; abhymenial surface light brown, 6D6 to dark brown, 9F5; hymenial surface brownish orange, 5C3 to dark brown, 8F4, ridges and veins present, veins lighter in colour, brownish orange, 7C3 than surface of hymenium.

Internal features: thickness 920–1220 μm; medulla present; abhymenial hairs densely arranged, fasciculated at bottom, separated or clustered at the top, hyaline, blunt or pointed tip, thin or thick walled, wall thickness 1–3.5 μm, clear lumen, hair bases 5.5–7 μm wide; clamp connections present; zona pilosa 315–400 μm; zona compacta 25–35 μm; zona subcompacta superioris 40–50 μm; zona laxa superioris 160–230 μm; medulla 75–125 μm; zona laxa inferioris 100–350 μm; zona subcompacta inferioris 50–80 μm; hymenium 75–90 μm; basidia 55–66 × 3–4 μm, cylindrical, blunt or tapered ends, sterigmata observed; basidiospores smooth walled, allantoid, hyaline, (10.2)13.5–14.5(16.7) × (5.1)6–6.3(7.1) μm, ± SD = 13.9 ± 1.4 × 6.1 ± 0.5 μm, Q = 1.5–3.0, with one large irregularly shaped guttule.


Material examined: THAILAND, Bangkok: Mahidol Campus, on tree, 27 September 1995, RJ Bandoni and TW Flegel 11.469 (BBH 862); THAILAND, Chiang Mai: Mae On, Huai Kaeo, on dead wood, 15 August 2015, AR Bandara DSK7 (MFLU162105); THAILAND, Chiang Mai: Mae On, Huai Kaeo, on dead wood, 16 August 2015, AR Bandara DSK12 (MFLU162106); THAILAND, Chiang Mai: Mae Taeng, Pa Pae, on decaying trunk, 30 July 2014, AR Bandara MRC8 (MFLU162104); THAILAND, Chiang Rai: Mae Fah Luang, Doi Mae Salong, on dead stump, 30 July 2013, AR Bandara AB30 (MFLU130403); THAILAND, Chiang Rai: Mae Fah Luang, Doi Thung, on decaying trunk, 17 June 2014, AR Bandara AB51 (MFLU162107); THAILAND, Chiang Rai: Muang, Tasud, Mae Fah Luang University, on decaying wood, June 2015, AH Ekanayaka AB113 (MFLU162108); THAILAND, Prachuap Khiri Khan: Bang Saphan, on dead wood, 30 July 2015, M Dayarathne ST14 (MFLU162110); THAILAND, Prachuap Khiri Khan: Bang Saphan, on decaying branch, 30 July 2015, AR Bandara ST10 (MFLU162109).



Fig. 1 Phylograms inferred from maximum likelihood analyses of ITS sequences of Auricularia. Herbarium codes or collection codes are followed by species names. Cultivated strains are in bold. Bootstrap support values >60% are displayed above each node. The tree is rooted with Eichleriella deglubens (FO12006), Exidia recisa (MW315), and Exidiopsis grisea (RoKi162).