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Entoloma inocephalum

Entoloma inocephalum (Romagn.) Dennis, Bull. Soc.

Index Fungorum number: IF 297244

Pileus 20–45 mm broad, broadly conical or campanulate then convex to plano-convex and almost expanding with a small conical umbo, straight or rather sulcate margin, not or weakly hygrophanous, not or slightly translucently striate, radially fibrillose all over or at the disk only, yellowish brown to brownish orange

(5D5, 4C4-5) with paler margin or olive brown, greyish yellow to beige (4B5, 4D4 in the centre; 4B3-4, 4C3-4 towards margin). Lamellae adnate-emarginate, first whitish then beige-pink with irregular concolorous edge. Stipe 50–80 × 4–5 mm, cylindrical or slightly broadened towards the base, hollow, longitudinally fibrillose, pruinose in the upper part, whitish. Context whitish turning yellow when bruised. Odour and taste indistinct. Spores 8.0–11.5 × 6.6–8.9 μm, Q = 1.0–1.4, subisodiametrical to heterodiametrical with 5–7 angles in side view. Basidia 35.4–50.3 × 10.9–12.4 μm, 4-spored, clavate, clampless. Lamellae edge heterogeneous. Cheilocystidia intermixed with basidia, fusiform or lageniform, or mucronate with a long neck, 64.0–76.6 × 11.5–16.6 μm, with granular contents yellow in KOH. Oleiferous hyphae present, 7.4–11.8 μm wide. Pleurocystidia similar, 77.7–87.1 × 15.9–20.0 μm, also with granular yellow contents. Pileipellis a plagiotrichoderm made up of cylindrical hyphae with inflated terminal elements, 8–15 μm wide. Pigment intracellular, granular, dark brown. Brilliant granules present.

Clamp connections absent.

Distribution: Madagascar (typus); Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Trinidad (Dennis, 1970; Pegler, 1983); Vietnam.

Collections examined: Vietnam, Lam Dong Prov., Lac Duong Dist., Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park, Giang Ly Ranger Station, 12°11´04´´ N, 108°41´10´´ E, 1450 m alt., on soil in evergreen mixed forest, 02 July 2010, leg. O. Morozova, LE 262923. — Vietnam, Lam Dong, Lac Duong, Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park, environs of Klong Lanh village, near the passing across Da Nhim riv., 12°08´09´´ N, 108°39´10´´ E, 1400 m alt., on soil in evergreen mixed forest, 25 June 2010, leg. O. Morozova, LE 262922. — Ibid., 03 July 2010, LE 262921.

Notes: Character of pileus surface resembling that of Inocybe species justifies the name E. inocephalum. Our collection differs from the original description of E. inocephalum from Madagascar by yellow discoloration of the white context. A number of similar Inocephalus species with fibrillose pileus, non-cuboid spores and large, fusiform cheiloand pleurocystidia with an acute apex has been described. E. spiculosum Corner et E. Horak with very similar cheilocystidia lacks oleiferous hyphae and pleurocystidia.